Leslie McQuade, tea leaf reader

The mystical qualities of tea were brought to light with a special tea leaf reading by Leslie McQuade. Using a mixture of tea leaf reading history and psychology, she allowed people to delve more deeply into the world of tea.

Lady Caroline

Lady Caroline brought a bit of formality to The Tea Smith with a presentation on British tea traditions. She set the record straight on the definitions of "high tea" and "afternoon tea."

Reading tea leaves

What does the future hold?

Do you see the unicorn?

Do you see the unicorn?

Draining the cups

A couple drains their cups before reading the leaves.

Discussing tea

Our customers had the opportunity to discuss their favorite beverage between events.

Dustin Culton

The Omaha Chocolate CompanyTM's Dustin Culton (left) taught a lucky group how to pair chocolate and tea. Learning how to match the flavors of a favorite tea with a distinctive chocolate is a skill that can be used throughout life. Yum!

Lady Caroline

Lady Caroline arranges the trays perfectly, don't you agree?