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Curve Style Teapot

The classic style of the colorful Curve Teapot is designed for a simple and clean way of steeping your own pot of tea. This 24 ounce pot features an extra fine .3mm stainless steel filter perfect for fine loose leaf teas and herbs. Dishwasher and...
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Tea Shirts - #Drinkwithsmith

We love these tea shirts!! Show your love for tea with one of these fun tea themed t-shirts, available in multiple colors! Looking for the perfect gift for a tea lover in your life?! You won't find these tea t-shirts anywhere else, they will make the...

Child Tea Set - Daisies

At home or in the garden, this set will help create wonderful memories for your child! Metal cups and pot makes this durable for younger tea sippers. Complete with everything shown, including basket.**New!** Now offering three more variations on...
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Traditional Masala Chai Indian Black Tea 1oz

 Masala means spice, and if you’ve never had black chai tea made with fresh spices and real tea, you are in for a treat! Ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon make our traditional Masala Chai Indian black tea a bold departure from a calming morning...

Super Berry Pu-Erh Chinese Black Tea 1oz

Blueberries and pomegranates sweeten up this earthy pu-erh. Even if you're not usually a pu-erh fan, give this one a try! Trust us, it is delicious.   Insider Tip: If you are looking to make kombucha, pu-erhs are a great tea base! This flavored pu-erh...