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Tea of the Month 3-6- or 12 month Gift Expedition Series

$55.49 - $199.49
Do you have a thirst for unique and rare teas?  This is what you have been have been searching for. Share the gift of tea effortlessly with others, or treat yourself to a wonderful discovery each month. Members of the Tea Subscription Service will...

Introduction to Oolong Kit

This starter set gives you everything you need to expand your exposure to Oolong teas, along with essential accessories.  It includes samples of 3 Oolong teas, two of which are flavored plus a Shui Hsein It has a tea for one that is perfect for brewing...
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Satemwa Print

You may have already enjoyed the high-quality teas that The Tea Smith features from Satemwa, so here is an opportunity to learn more about their efforts and support their work to improve the region. Each photo taken by the garden owner shows an aspect of...

Boulder Insulated Tumbler - 20 oz

Ecovessel is known for its quality.  You will enjoy this 20-ounce triple-insulated stainless steel tumbler.  It will keep your favorite beverage, either hot or cold, at temperature for hours.  Functional, and great looking, take this with you wherever...

DIY Bubble Milk Kit

When you can't go out for a Boba drink, let the Boba drink come to you. Satisfy your cravings at home using the same ingredients we use to create Bubble Milk in our store. Just prep the boba and add your choice of milk and ice. Keep the fun going!  Sign...

Tea Essential Cup Gift Set

You will enjoy giving this flavorful set as much as your recipient will.  It includes an attractive mug, a sampler of tea, honey sticks, tea mints, and a tea infuser ball.  The tea included and the style of the infuser may vary to fit the season.  If you...
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Tea Shirts - #Drinkwithsmith

We love these tea shirts!! Show your love for tea with one of these fun tea themed t-shirts, available in multiple colors! Looking for the perfect gift for a tea lover in your life?! You won't find these tea t-shirts anywhere else, they will make the...

Tea of the Month 3 -6- or 12 month Gift Subscription - Iced Tea

$55.49 - $199.49
It doesn't matter if the weather is hot or cold. Iced tea is always refreshing. Sip a new iced tea or herbal infusion each month. Each month we will send you two 2 ounce selections of a tea or herbal that is great cold. Some traditional styles, and some...

World of Tea - Tea 3-6- or 12 month Gift Subscription

$55.49 - $199.49
Do you know someone that would like to travel the world of tea?  Each month a new discovery awaits with some of our favorite selections. This subscription features a wide variety of teas from gardens and producers, some familiar, some lesser known, but...