Darjeeling - Moonlight Darjeeling Indian White Tea

Darjeeling - Moonlight Darjeeling Indian White Tea

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This tea comes from the very first harvest of the new Spring season, a selection only the most tender shoots of the Glenburn Estate in India. The aroma is flowery, breezy with hints of fresh hay. The cup is a clear with a hint of lemon in colour. Its flavour is delicate and sweet, yet subtle on the palate, with a 'lily of the valley' floral warmth and hints of the softest peach.

Insider Tip: While Darjeeling is widely known for black Darjeelings, many estates produce white, green, and even oolong teas, too! This white is a real treat, combining the floral, sweet character of a traditional Chinese white tea with the sweet, muscat notes brought out by the Himalayan terroir. Try this white alongside the Doke Silver Needle and taste the variety of Darjeeling white teas!

Caffeine Level: Low.

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Darjeelings are black teas grown in India, but are a Chinese plant (camellia sinensis sinesis, rather than camellia sinensis assamica). This variety produces a lighter and sweeter flavor, in contrast to the malty character of an assam tea. Darjeeling is often called 'The Champagne of Tea' because of this sweet profile, reminiscent of muscat wine. Each tea is named for the estate it is grown on and picked at different times of the year (pickings are called flushes), which allow growers to develop the same plants into a variety of different teas. While estates in Darjeeling are most well-known for traditional black tea Darjeeling, they can also produce white, green, and oolong teas. Check out our offerings from the Doke Estate!

Ingredients: White tea from India

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