Decaffeinated Sencha Japanese Green Tea

Decaffeinated Sencha Japanese Green Tea

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This bold Japanese green tea has everything you'd expect from a Sencha - except caffeine.  Light in body but full in flavor, sencha has a more vegetal character, reflecting the vibrant green of vegetation in Japan. Thanks to their proximity to the ocean, the plants enjoy lots of moisture in addition to the centuries of craftsmanship. 

Insider Tip: Japanese greens tend to be more delicate than Chinese, so we recommend steeping them for less time. You can infuse these teas multiple times, too, using shorter steeping times. Try it for yourself and discover the complexity of these artisan teas!

Caffeine Level: Low.

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Green teas are unoxidized and process by withering or wilting, followed by pan-firing or steaming, then a shaping process. During the shaping processes, further drying takes place, giving each green tea a distinct shape, character, and flavor. Often shaped by hand in places like China or Vietnam, the skill to craft these teas is passed down from generation to generation. In Japan, most of the tea processing is done mechanically, using machines and conveyor belts to steam, shape, and cool the teas.

Ingredients: Green tea from Japan.

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