Koicha Matcha - Japanese Green Tea

Koicha Matcha - Japanese Green Tea

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Koicha means 'thick tea' and is the highest grade of matcha, used in Japanese tea ceremony to make tea with a very thick consistency. Cultivated and produced from only the very best, fresh young tea leaves. Koicha is characterized by its incredibly bright green color, often called "Jade Dew", and can be described as having a very strong, sweet leaf-like flavor.

Insider Tip: We love this matcha all by itself. If you want a matcha to add to a smoothie or latte, try our Culinary Grade Matcha. Be sure to use a bamboo whisk and matcha bowl for the full experience!

Caffeine Level: High.

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Matcha should be prepared with water that is 180 degrees - any hotter will burn the tea and make it bitter. Warm your vessel before whisking, too, to keep the matcha warm. Using a bamboo whisk, whisk together a teaspoon of matcha and 8oz of water. Use a 'w' shape when whisking to get a good froth. Matcha does not dissolve in water, it suspends, so some settling may occur when consumed slowly. Just give it a swirl and enjoy!

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