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And now for something completely different! The Dark Goddess has brought together Chinese oolong methods and tea from an area outside Darjeeling to create a number of interesting characteristics. From the chocolaty aroma of the dry leaf to the roasted coffee flavor, Dark Goddess Oolong is not a typical tea by any means.
Insider Tip: This oolong is a great step into tea for coffee lovers! If you're trying to convert a friend, give them an ounce of this tea and see what they think. 
Caffeine Level: Medium.
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Oolong teas are commonly known as partially oxidized because the oxidation allowed in processing varies between that of a green tea and that of a black. Varying between 30-70% oxidation, oolongs are produced into two main varieties: a darker, open-leafed style (such as our Dark Goddess), and a greener, rolled-ball style (such as ourJade Oolong). Darker oolongs tend to have a soft, fruity character with undertones of stone fruit. Greener oolongs offer a more green infusion with a more floral character.

Ingredients: Oolong Tea



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TeaSeeker 8th May 2016


Unbelievably soul satisfying cup of tea. Great body and texture make this the perfect morning cup. This is full-bodied enough to satisfy any tea aficionado and might even convert a coffee drinker. Just about as perfect as a tea can be.

Andy 20th Jul 2013

Tea seeker

Robust, bold, rich, and exciting tea. A real symphony to the taste buds. I enjoy a strong black tea and Dark Goddess met that criteria. I believe this tea would also be enjoyable with a little milk without muting the music that this tea offers to the lucky consumer. This tea is very refreshing iced as well.

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