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Rising Phoenix Chinese Green Tea 1oz

This Chinese green tea shows a unique leaf style, tightly rolled, not unlike Ti Kuan Yin oolong tea.  We get this tea from Guizhou early in the Spring.  Like an oolong, it is best enjoyed in a gaiwan, or Gong Fu style and can be infused several times...

Finest Jasmine Pearls Green Tea 1oz

A true treasure in every sense of the word! Fine Pouchong leaves are scented with jasmine blooms, then rolled into pearls that unfurl in your cup. These slender green leaves produce their entrancing aroma for three, four, five infusions.   Insider Tip...

Snow Sprouting Chinese Green Tea 1oz

This Chinese green tea is only produced in the Spring in southwest Guangxi, and is recognized by its distinct leaf style. As you might guess from the name and the fact it is made early in the Spring, the flavor is fresh and bright.  This is only plucked...