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Bai Lin Chinese Black Tea 1oz

This Chinese black tea shows the care and skill of everyone involved in growing, picking, and making the tea. You can see plenty of golden tips, which provide a layer of smoothness.  Notice as well the cocoa notes and layers of flavors in the cup...

Rising Phoenix Chinese Green Tea 1oz

This Chinese green tea shows a unique leaf style, tightly rolled, not unlike Ti Kuan Yin oolong tea.  We get this tea from Guizhou early in the Spring.  Like an oolong, it is best enjoyed in a gaiwan, or Gong Fu style and can be infused several times...

Green Monkey King Green Tea 1oz

Taiping Hou Kui, or Green Monkey King, comes to us from the An Hui province. What first strikes you is the size of the leaf and the care that has been taken in processing. This green tea, grown in an area that produces orchids has a complex, yet smooth...