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Pumpkin Spice Black Tea 1oz

Pumpkin and spices in this fall tea blend well with seasonal foods and snacks. Enjoy pumpkin pie flavors without the calories!   Insider Tip: For a low-calorie treat, brew this pumpkin spice black tea strong and add some milk and honey. A pumpkin...

Lavender Lady Black Tea 1oz

A hint of natural lavender is what makes our Lavender Lady Tea such a delightful and fragrant variation on a Duchess Grey black tea blend.   Insider Tip: Try this black tea with lavender blend as a latte! If you are in store, ask for an extra shot...

Duchess Grey Black Tea 1oz

Have you met the lady of the house? Enjoy a lighter shade of Grey with a hint of familiar bergamot and a fresh, lemony zing. Accented with huge sunflower petals, Duchess Grey is dressed to impress.    Insider Tip: Bergamot oil has been linked with mood...