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Spicy Apple Decaffeinated Organic Black Tea Blend

Looking for sweetness and spice? Here is an apple-flavored decaffeinated black tea with a bit of kick from cinnamon that you can enjoy when you want to avoid caffeine, or anytime you want a special treat.   Insider Tip: This one is great hot or...

Fall In Love Rooibos Tea 1oz

Angela's and Olivia's creation, this herbal infusion is the winner of our 2012 Blending Contest. This vanilla rooibos combines cinnamon and autumn apples for a sightly sweet, well-balanced caffeine-free infusion that is perfect any season.   Insider...

Almond Apple Delight Tea 1oz

This is one of our seasonal favorites!! A caffeine-free fruit tisane with sweet apples, toasted almonds, and wonderfully blended spices. This brings out the best of any season but is deliciously warming in the cold winter months. The infusion is a...