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Lavender Herbal Tea 1oz

A lovely experience on all levels. The delicate flowers yield a cup that is fragrant and distinctive. It is no wonder this is a know as a calming infusion.    Insider Tip: Use this...

Lavender Spring White Tea 1oz

White teas are enjoyed for their floral notes. Add natural lavender flowers and you have a tea that is uplifting and at the same time relaxing! This tea is hand blended in small batches using French...

Lavender Lady Black Tea 1oz

The addition of a hint of natural lavender coaxes forth a fragrant variation on a lovely Duchess Grey black tea blend.   Insider Tip: Try this tea as a latte! If you are in store, ask for an...

Doke Black Fusion Indian Black Tea 1oz

A rare offering from Northern India, the estate is in Bihar, a poor area not well known for tea. However, the families making this tea have had great teachers and produce some outstanding handmade...

Cherry Blossom Green Tea 1oz

In Japan, Spring is marked by the aromatic, pink blossoms of cherry trees. The sense of renewal is captured in this Sencha, marked with dried cherry bits.   Insider Tip: This tea makes a...
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Finding love in the tea world is hard and often confusing. It takes so much time to get to know each type of tea.
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New Arrivals

Top of the World Black Tea Nepal

This selection gives a new meaning to 'High Tea'  Procured from small growers in a remote area of Nepal.  This small hand-produced tea grows at an altitude of 1800-2200 meters, making it...