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Mango Mayhem Black Tea 1oz

The name says mayhem, the taste says simply refreshing. The black tea blend is accentuated with floral blooms for a visual treat. Mango and peach flavors sweetly and smoothly meld into a tea that is sure to be a favorite iced tea in the summer, and...

Mulled Wine Spice Tisane 1oz

Straight out of your favorite holiday memories, this fruit tisane tastes just like hot mulled red wine but with the goodness of tea! Hibiscus, elderberry, cloves, citrus, and cinnamon come together to provide a warming cup of holiday cheer that is so...

Shincha Hashiri 2020 Japanese Green Tea

This is a rare and limited offering. Hashiri is 'first harvest'. Shincha is the first flush of the Spring tea in Japan. This tea comes from the Moriuchi tea farm in the Uchimaki region of Shizuoka. It produces an emerald liquid full of flavor. Arrives...