Almond Apple Delight Tea 1oz

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Our Almond Apple Delight Tea is a caffeine-free fruit tisane with sweet apples, toasted almond, and a wonderful blend of spices. This apple herbal tea brings out the best of any season but is particularly delicious and warming in the cold winter months, making it a seasonal favorite! The infusion is a brilliant pink, thanks to the hibiscus, and the apples add a touch of sweetness that is balanced by the almonds.
Insider Tip: When you’re done infusing, toss the fruit & almond tea mix into your oatmeal or yogurt for a delicious treat!
Caffeine Level: None 
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The word Tisane is a French word (pronounced Tee-Zahn) which derives from the Latin word Ptisana which literally means ‘barley water’. Tisanes are technically NOT teas, since they do not contain leaves of the Camelia Sinensis, thus we consider them herbal blends. Tisanes were consumed in ancient Egypt and China as medicinal tonics. Tisanes contain no caffeine and their ingredients can range from roots, leaves, berries, and fruits. They can be either steeped in water (best for flowers and leaves) or simmered in water (best for roots and barks to release their flavors/benefits).

Ingredients: apple pieces, planed almonds, sliced almonds, cinnamon pieces, beetroot, flavoring.



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Kandi Slocum 7th Aug 2021

Fall favorite

This one is a fun fruity fall favorite of mine. Love the color and is perfect for sitting on the porch swing on a crisp fall evening.

Sarah 22nd Feb 2021

Smells amazing, tastes delicious

Asked a friend what teas I could get that are fairly sweet without adding sugar and this was among the recommendations. I really like sweet things and sure enough, I can drink this without adding more sugar. I love the smell and it's a delicious treat of a tea.

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