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Brick - Black Chinese Tea

Enjoy a piece of tea history - add a tea brick to your collection! Tea was traditionally compressed into bricks to make it easier to transport. No longer a common practice, these bricks made the perfect display piece for any tea lover!    New size is...
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DIY Bubble Tea Kit

When you can't go out for a Boba drink, let the Boba drink come to you. Satisfy your cravings at home using the same ingredients we use to create Bubble Tea in our store. Just prep the boba, brew the tea, add ice, and shake! Each kit includes: Your...

Doke Silver Needles Indian White Tea 1oz

This is a unique offering not often found. It has the floral notes we look for in a white tea as well as that distinctive character present in fine teas from the finer regions of Northern India. This is produced early in the Spring about the time as the...