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Introduction to Oolong Kit

This starter set gives you everything you need to expand your exposure to Oolong teas, along with essential accessories.  It includes samples of 3 Oolong teas, two of which are flavored plus a Shui Hsein It has a tea for one that is perfect for brewing...
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Ceremony Tea Set Pure White

Brewing tea and sharing it with friends is one of life's simple pleasures.  This set is a modern take on an ancient tradition.  Function meets style and truly enhances your tea experience.  The teapot volume is approx 12 ounces.  The tray is approx 21" x...
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Side Handle Teapot - 12 oz

Japanese tepots come in many forms; the one ideal for brewing green teas is called a yokode kyusu, meaning side handle teapot. This black yokode kyusu has a twine wrapped handle and swirl design on the lid and a built in strainer. Ceramic interior makes...

Gaiwan - Celadon Green

Try your hand at this time-tested Chinese tea vessel. Pour hot water over the leaves in the cup and let infuse. When ready to drink, hold the saucer in your left hand and use the lid to sweep back the leaves as you drink. This holds up to 6 ounces, so...
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Brick - Black Chinese Tea

Enjoy a piece of tea history - add a tea brick to your collection! Tea was traditionally compressed into bricks to make it easier to transport. No longer a common practice, these bricks made the perfect display piece for any tea lover!   This style...
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Snow Dragon Yellow Buds Chinese Yellow Tea 1oz

Hand crafted in small batches in the An Hui province of China, this unique Yellow tea features a small sturdy leaf that yields a deeply floral sweet flavor that lingers on the tongue.   Insider Tip: Another offering from a small grower, this tea is...

Sonoma Sunrise White Tea 1oz

Soft and sweet are the perfect words to describe this lovely blend! In this white tea, rose petals, jasmine flowers and cabernet flavor are combined to make a cup that has a delightful finish.   Insider Tip: This is one of our wine inspired teas! They...