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Pumpkin Spice Black Tea 1oz

Pumpkin and spices in this fall tea blend well with seasonal foods and snacks. Enjoy pumpkin pie flavors without the calories!   Insider Tip: For a low-calorie treat, brew this pumpkin spice black tea strong and add some milk and honey. A pumpkin...

Candy Cane Celebration Tea 1oz

This candy cane tea will sweeten up your day! This blend of black tea and real candy cane flavoring makes for a cup that is sure to put a smile on your face! The aroma instantly reminds you of all those candy canes you consumed as a kid, but the strong...

Black Bourbon Praline Tea 1oz

Talk about comfort! This black tea blend features a hint of chocolate, smooth nuttiness, and a hint of whiskey smokiness. Our black praline bourbon tea is a great tea when you want to kick back and relax, it is one of our Fall/Winter Seasonal teas...