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Pumpkin Spice Black Tea 1oz

Pumpkin and spices in this fall tea blend well with seasonal foods and snacks. Enjoy pumpkin pie flavors without the calories!   Insider Tip: For a low-calorie treat, brew this pumpkin spice black tea strong and add some milk and honey. A pumpkin...

Majestic Maple Black Tea 1oz

The taste of Fall in a cup! Take a moment for yourself each Autumn afternoon with a hot cup of this new maple black tea blend. As the seasons change, add some milk for a delicious latte that will keep you warm until Spring arrives! Also known as...

Candy Cane Celebration Black Tea 1oz

This will sweeten up your day!  This blend of black tea and real candy cane flavoring makes for a cup that is sure to put a smile on your face! The aroma instantly reminds you of all those candy canes you consumed as a kid, but the strong black tea...