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Puerh Beeng Cha 100g

This processed puerh is a great value and a nice everyday tea.  Carefully produced then fermented, it has a nice round characters and smooth bold flavor

Introduction to Puerh Kit

This starter set gives you everything you need to expand your exposure to Puerh teas, along with essential accessories.  It includes samples of 2 loose Puerh teas, a sample of tuo cha, and a small bing cha puerh from Menghai.  There is a Puerh knife,...
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Sticky Rice Raw Pu-Erh Chinese Tea

This unique Pu-erh is aged with a rice-scented herb that gives this tea the unique aroma of sticky rice with mineral and earthy undertones. If you are a raw pu-erh fan, this is for you!    Insider Tip: Rinse the toucha before infusing to help the tea...

Tangerine Pu-erh Chinese Black Tea 1oz

Try something trying unique, yet traditional! This pu-erh tea has been aged in a tangerine, infusing it with flavor and aromas   Insider Tip: To drink this tea, you'll have to break it out of it's tangerine shell. Store it in an air-tight tin or bag to...

Ripe Pu-erh Tribute Chinese Tea Brick

This is one to purchase before it has been snapped up! Produced in the Spring of 2004 in the famous Xishuangbanna prefecture of Yunnan, it imparts a clean smooth flavor.  We have found after about the 4th infusion a sweetness is revealed. This is a large...

Super Berry Pu-Erh Chinese Black Tea 1oz

Blueberries and pomegranates sweeten up this earthy pu-erh. Even if you're not usually a pu-erh fan, give this one a try! Trust us, it is delicious.   Insider Tip: If you are looking to make kombucha, pu-erhs are a great tea base! This flavored pu-erh...

Pu-Erh Tuo Cha Chinese Dark Tea 1oz

Each hand-formed tuo cha, or nest, yields multiple infusions of an earthy and aromatic liquor. If the flavor is too sharp for your liking, leave the leaf in the water; it will mellow after 10, 20 minutes or more without becoming bitter.   Insider Tip:...

Pu-Erh Ginger - Organic Chinese Black Tea 1oz

Ginger and lemongrass provide a spirited lift to a healthy pu-erh. Fire, earth and water combine in your cup!   Insider Tip: Pu-erh teas are what the Chinese consider true black teas. What we in the West call black, is referred to as red there -...

Pu-Erh - Organic Chinese Black Tea 1oz

Aged pu-erh has a character like no other tea. The dusty rust and cocoa colored leaves encase a rich aroma and pleasant body. It also makes an Old Fashioned cocktail like no other! Insider Tip: Pu-erh teas are what the Chinese consider true black teas...

Mango Spice Pu-Erh Chai Tea 1oz

Organic Pu-erh, a fermented black tea from the Yunnan province in China, offers a sweet yet bold foundation for this chai blend. This sweetness is boosted by the addition of licorice root, mangoes, and berries. Almonds and star anise offer a savory...

Jasmine Green Pu-Erh Tuo Cha Tea 1oz

A real treat for Pu-erh lovers! The newest addition to our Pu-erh offerings, this tuo cha is a green pu-erh, meaning it is unprocessed, lighter and sweeter than the darker, earthy, processed pu-erh. Scented with jasmine blooms, then pressed into tuo...