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Chunmee Chinese Green Tea 1oz

Chunmee green tea is a well-loved, well known everyday tea.  It has plenty of flavors, with a slightly smoky hint.  Insider Tip: This and Gunpowder green tea are often the first green teas that many people experience. These are often used as the base...

Super Yin Hao Jasmine Green Tea 1oz

This Special Mao Feng Chinese tea exhibits care in plucking.  Great care in production is taken to maintain the silvery tips and open leaf. The tea itself is produced early in the Spring.  It must be held stable until Summer when the jasmine flower...

Doke Green Diamond - 1st Flush Indian Green Tea 1oz

A unique green tea from Northern India, it is at once sweet and floral, with a hint of a Darjeeling character. Another offering from the Doke Estate in the Bihar region. Insider Tip: This estate produces a variety of teas including a black and a white!...