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Side handle Teapot & 2 cups

Japanese tepots come in many forms; the one ideal for brewing green teas is called a yokode kyusu, meaning side handle teapot. These stylish yokode kyusu has a twine wrapped handle and swirl design on the lid and a built in strainer. Ceramic interior...

Tea Travel Passport

Travel the World of Tea with The Tea Smith.  Enroll to experience the unique character of teas from gardens all over the world!  We have selected 24 teas from 8 different countries for your tea adventure. We will send you a passport to track your journey...
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Flower Gaiwan

An attractive approach to traditional tea enjoyment.  Try your hand at this time-tested Chinese tea vessel. Pour hot water over the leaves in the cup and let infuse. When ready to drink, hold the saucer in your left hand and use the lid to sweep back...
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Port Triple Insulated Cup

Ecovessel is known for its quality.  You will enjoy this 10-ounce triple insulated stainless steel stemless cup.  Made for enjoying your favorite teas  (or wines)!  It will keep your favorite beverage, either hot or cold, at temperature for hours. ...