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Tea of the Month Subscription-Green Teas

Do you enjoy discovering new unique and flavorful green tea?  This is just what you have been searching for.  Treat yourself to a wonderful discovery each month. Members of the Tea Subscription Service will receive two specially selected offerings from...

Zomba Green Tea Satemwa Estate

Satemwa Estate in Malawi is one of our featured non-traditional regions for tea production.  Their care in picking and producing fine teas has been evident year over year.  This is one of their unique offerings- a green tea.  The production method is...

Rising Phoenix Chinese Green Tea 1oz

This Chinese green tea shows a unique leaf style, tightly rolled, not unlike Ti Kuan Yin oolong tea.  We get this tea from Guizhou early in the Spring.  Like an oolong, it is best enjoyed in a gaiwan, or Gong Fu style and can be infused several times...

Rainflower Needles Chinese Green Tea 1oz

This Chinese green tea shows a unique leaf style, tightly rolled to a thin needle-like appearance.  The color is brilliant green which is reflected in its cool, crisp flavor.  Rainflower Needles is another example of a tea that is associated with a...

Tea & Sweets Gift Box

A great gift for your tea lover  This gift basket includes 2k gold cup, 2 samplers, pincher infuser, tea mints and chocolate bar for a refreshment when you aren't enjoying your teas.   If you would like a special box made, give us a call and we can help.
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Doke Green Diamond - 1st Flush Indian Green Tea 1oz

A unique green tea from Northern India, it is at once sweet and floral, with a hint of a Darjeeling character. Another offering from the Doke Estate in the Bihar region. Insider Tip: This estate produces a variety of teas including a black and a white!...

Snow Dragon Yellow Buds Chinese Yellow Tea 1oz

Hand crafted in small batches in the An Hui province of China, this unique Yellow tea features a small sturdy leaf that yields a deeply floral sweet flavor that lingers on the tongue.   Insider Tip: Another offering from a small grower, this tea is...

Sweet Pomegranate Green Tea 1oz

Sencha green tea combined with sweet flavor of pomegranate makes this tea a great experience hot or as a flavored iced tea.   Insider Tip: This is definately a customer favorite! It is naturally sweet and flavorful - you'll think we added sugar, but it...

Decaf Strawberry Green Tea 1oz

This sencha is perfect for those who love the flavor of sencha, but are looking for a touch of sweetness. Dried strawberries are blended with a decaffeinated sencha to produce a tea that delicious iced or hot.   Insider Tip: If you like this tea and are...

Sencha Special - Organic Japanese Green Tea 1oz

Our Sencha Special is an organic tea from Japan prepared in the traditional Japanese style. It has the sweet grassy character valued in Japanese style teas. The smooth flavor makes it easy to drink.   Insider Tip: If you like this tea, try it fukamushi...

Sencha Shin-Ryoku Japanese Green Tea 1oz

An early first flush Sencha from Shizuoka, Japan, Shin-ryoku in an incredibly well-balanced and rich tea. The flavor is fresh and distinctive, the body is full, and the aroma teems with complexity.   Insider Tip: Play with the infusion time on this one!...

Sencha Fukamushi Japanese Green Tea 1oz

This unique Japanese tea is deep steamed for a deeper color and milder flavor. Try it and see why it has become one of the most sought after teas in Japan.    Insider Tip: This tea is one of our favorite from Japan. We highly recommend using a brew...