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Footage: Cami searches for love in the confusing world of tea.

What Is It's Just Tea?

Finding love in the tea world is hard and often confusing. It takes so much time to get to know each type of tea.

Camellia Sinensis, a tea leaf, is looking for love! No one she meets is her cup of tea. She's joined up with the It's Just Tea Agency to help her in her efforts. Will our tea leaf find true love?

Meet our clients.

Meet Our Clients

Camellia Sinensis (Cammy)

Camellia Sinensis

Name: Camellia Sinensis

Client: 242

Age: 28

Hometown: Ruhuna District, Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

Likes: Meeting quality beverages, trying new things

Dislikes: Rude beverages, being a solo tea leaf... Want someone with whom I can share great tea!

Looking for: Someone who values great loose leaf tea!

About Me: I'm just a loose tea leaf with tea leaf relatives all over the world. That's pretty cool, right? I'm pretty proud of my tea leaf heritage and happy to be part of a quality beverage!

Favorite Loose Leaf Tea: Sencha - Basic green tea... Genmaicha if I want something fun to look at! There is popped rice in the tea! Neat!

Quick Brew

Quick Brew

Name: Quick Brew Sinensis

Client: 137

Age: 28

Hometown: Ruhuna District, Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

Likes: Alone time, easy fixes

Dislikes: Staying in places for long amounts of time (I get bitter).

Looking for: Short-term... like I said, I get bitter if I brew for too long.

About Me: I've been through a lot as a tea bag... mechanical harvesting and being chopped into little pieces has really diminished my quality.

Favorite Loose Leaf Tea: Well, it's not a tea b/c it doesn't come from the tea plant but Rooibos is great b/c it can infuse for a long time without affecting the taste.

Rocket Tea

Rocket Tea

Name: Rocket Tea

Client: 378

Age: 26

Hometown: Rapids City, Illinois, USA

Likes: Quick bursts of energy!

Dislikes: Waiting

Looking for: Somebody who can keep up! Can't be afraid of an outburst, or a sugar crash, either, for that matter.

About Me: I have actually very little tea, but quite a bit of sugar! I'll give you a rush, Baby, but don't be surprised if I let you down.

Favorite Loose Leaf Tea: I like the Bubble Tea and Fruitea Smoothies... They have tea in them, but they have a good sugar rush. Oh, and Yerba Mate isn't really a tea since it's a different plant, but it's got a great energy rush!

Agua Caliente

Agua Caliente

Name: Agua Caliente

Client: 216

Age: 30

Hometown: Clearwater, Florida, USA

Likes: Teas with complex tastes

Dislikes: Anything that gets away from the heart of things

Looking for: A tasteful adventure

About Me: I'm a simple beverage, but I know the possibilities are endless with the right teas!

Favorite Loose Leaf Tea: Has to be an oolong. It comes in many different shapes and has a very strong and unique flavor. But I have to say, flavored teas, whether they are black, green or white, are a great way to change up an old classic!