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Tea Travel Passport

Travel the World of Tea with The Tea Smith.  Enroll to experience the unique character of teas from gardens all over the world!  We have selected 24 teas from 8 different countries for your tea adventure. We will send you a passport to track your journey...
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Zomba Green Tea Satemwa Estate

Satemwa Estate in Malawi is one of our featured non-traditional regions for tea production.  Their care in picking and producing fine teas has been evident year over year.  This is one of their unique offerings- a green tea.  The production method is...

Taiwan True Creme Golden Buds Oolong

Surprisingly, this handmade oolong tea has no added flavors - it is the result of great care, skill, and just the right growing and processing conditions.  This is a lightly oxidized oolong with a smooth vegetal flavor, smooth buttery taste, and...

Ginseng Oolong Tea 1oz

We first discovered this classic oolong at a Gong Fu Chinese tea ceremony. This particular tea is a special find, as it is crafted with Ti Kuan Yin for a special flavor. The ginseng and tea are nicely balanced and will develop well over multiple...