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Boulder Insulated Tumbler - 20 oz

Ecovessel is known for its quality.  You will enjoy this 20-ounce triple-insulated stainless steel tumbler.  It will keep your favorite beverage, either hot or cold, at temperature for hours.  Functional, and great looking, take this with you wherever...

Brick - Black Chinese Tea

Enjoy a piece of tea history - add a tea brick to your collection! Tea was traditionally compressed into bricks to make it easier to transport. No longer a common practice, these bricks made the perfect display piece for any tea lover!   This style...
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Mango Mayhem Black Tea 1oz

The name says mayhem, the taste says simply refreshing. The black tea blend is accentuated with floral blooms for a visual treat. Mango and peach flavors sweetly and smoothly meld into a tea that is sure to be a favorite iced tea in the summer, and...

Lapsang Souchong Chinese Black Tea 1oz

Not for weak tastebuds, Lapsang Souchong is a traditional Chinese black tea that has been dried over a pine fire. Affectionately called 'campfire tea', this selection has a balance between the smoke and tea tones that is not overwhelming.   Insider Tip:...

Earl Grey Special Black Tea 1oz

The key to our special Earl is our special blend of fine black teas! The bergamot aroma and flavor are crisp, pronounced, and the perfect complement to the premium tea base.   Insider Tip: Did you know bergamot, the oil used to flavor Earl Greys, is...

Assam - Khongea Golden Bud Indian Black Tea 1oz

Teas from the Khongea Estate are known for their rich flavor and excellent leaf quality.We first introduced this in 2007 and it quickly sold out. This tea features a full smooth taste, with an earthy hint and a touch of maltiness for which Assams are...

Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Pitcher

This is the perfect pitcher for making up to 1/2 gallon of your favorite iced tea. The infuser extends deep, so you can make a smaller amount and 'flash chill' with ice. The airtight lid keeps the tea flavor in and fridge odors out!

Curve Cup With Infuser - Tall 15 oz

The stylish shape and clean lines make this cup one of your everyday favorites. The stainless steel infuser has a fine mesh to keep the tea clear. The lid keeps in heat and acts as a caddy between infusions. This cup is an all-in-one! 15-ounce capacity...