Mulled Wine Spice Tisane 1oz

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Straight out of your favorite holiday memories, this fruit tisane tastes just like hot mulled red wine but with the goodness of tea! Hibiscus, elderberry, cloves, citrus, and cinnamon come together to provide a warming cup of holiday cheer that is so delicious you'll want it year-round!
Insider Tip: Use this blend in your wine this holiday season to make actual mulled wine or an inspired cocktail! Brew up a batch of each and all your guests will be provided for.
Caffeine Level: None 
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The word Tisane comes from the French Tisane (Tee- Zahn) which derives from the Latin word Ptisana which literally means 'barley water'. Tisanes are technically NOT teas, since they do not contain leaves of the Camelia Sinensis, thus we consider them herbal blends. Tisanes were consumed in ancient Egypt and China as medicinal tonics. Tisanes contain no caffeine and their ingredients can range from roots, leaves, berries, and fruits. They can be either steeped in water (best for flowers and leaves) or simmered in water (best for roots and barks to release their flavors/benefits).

Ingredients: Hibiscus, cinnamon, rosehip, clove, elderberry, orange peel, apple, and ginger



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Angela Lambertz 11th Nov 2022

Heady berry + spice aroma

Definite choice for a cold/chilly day/evening. Heady berry + spice aroma & taste. Recommend a dash of preferred sweetener to balance the bitter.

Daisy 7th Jan 2021

tastes like mulled wine!

This is fabulous tea! It is a great substitute for a glass of wine at night! We love it!!!

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