Specialty Tea Institiute

As part of The Tea Smith's commitment to bringing you the most comprehensive information about our beloved Camellia sinensis, we sent the Chief Leaf, Tim Smith, to tea school.

Tim attended the Level Three Professional Series Certification in San Francisco offered by the Specialty Tea Institute. This is the highest level of professional certification available in the United States. There are only a handful of individuals in the U.S. that have received this level of certification.

The certification program focused on the development of black teas in traditional and emerging regions.

"The event was valuable because we were able to spend time with experts and estate owners from each region and get far more in-depth knowledge than is normally available. The caliber of people instructing and attending provided a rare opportunity to share and exchange experience and best practice within our industry.

"This specialized training will allow The Tea Smith to identify exciting, creative teas. I have some great ideas that will give our customers fresh, new flavors."

- Tim Smith, owner of The Tea Smith

The Specialty Tea Institute is a division of the Tea Association of the USA. The Tea Smith is a member.