Blending Contest

Many people entered the annual Blending Contest by submitting their tried-and-true favorite combinations and wild ideas. After our employees evaluate and test the recipes, the best selection will be blended and offered at The Tea Smith during December. The new champion tea blender will get to name their creation and enjoy the admiration of tea drinkers everywhere.

2006 Winner

Ruth S. Winner of the 2006 Tea Blending Contest

The Tea Smith is proud to reveal the winner of the 2006 Blending Contest: Mountain Solitude. Designed by Ruth S. of Omaha, NE, Mountain Solitude is a blend of rich, creamy vanilla tea with a swirl of blackberry. The name was inspired by a recent trip to the Canadian Rockies.

Ruth (pictured here with The Tea Smith owner Tim) enjoys quiet, introspective moments as she drinks tea, and she experienced the same feelings while trekking through the Great White North.

2005 Winner

Oahn H. Winner of the 2005 Blending Contest

Last year's winner, Oanh H. of Omaha, NE, won with Quiet Snowfall. She describes it as "a calm tea that would be great sipping while watching the snow fall..."

Oanh (pronounced like Juan) created her blend, Quiet Snowfall, with the distinctive flavors of peach and jasmine, bound together with one of our favorite wintery tones, vanilla.