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Gift Card In Store Omaha Only

A thoughtful gift for your friends in Omaha, NE. or a treat for yourself.  We will send you an actual gift card that can be used anytime in our store in Omaha.  This can be redeemed in our store for drinks, teas, and accessories.   If you would like to...
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Insulated Tea Press

This 15 ounce tea press is made from high quality stainless steel and insulated, so you can brew and take your favorite beverage along with you and enjoy it nice and hot for hours!
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Teapot With Cover

The best part about preparing tea in a teapot is the ability to share and enjoy at your liesure. However, if you don't drink it fast enough, it can cool and lessen the experience for those that enjoy a steaming hot cuppa! This porcelian teapot has a...
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