Hibiscus - Organic Herbal Tea

Hibiscus - Organic Herbal Tea

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The tangy flavor of hibiscus adds character to fruit tisanes and flavored teas. This herb has been studied for its' positive effect on the liver and as a fever reducer. While we do not make any medical claims, we do know it makes a nice cup for those wanting to refrain from consuming caffeine.

Insider Tip: Hibiscus is fabulous as a cocktail base and we love it carbonated, particularly in the summer! Pop in and try it or experiement at home. Try cold brewing it to retain the high-levels of Vitamin C.

Caffeine Level: None.

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Herbals tea blends have long been used as holistic alternatives to traditional medicine or as an at-home remedy for minor coughs, colds, aches, and pains. From the soothing sweetness of licorice root to the sedative effects of chamomile, the immune boosting echinacea, or the cold-fighting bite of ginger, the range of applications and uses of different herbs is wide and long - and largely clinically unproven. However, a hot cuppa is always a good balm for what ails ya! Do your research and see what works for you. Our blends have been beneficial for us, which is why we offer them to you! 

Ingredients: Organic hibiscus.

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