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Tea Sac - Size 1 or 4

$5.99 - $8.49
Unbleached paper tea bag filters can be used in place of an infuser, especially at a restaurant or while traveling. This saves you the indignity of suffering through terrible tea. 100 filters.  Size 1 is perfect for a single cup of tea.  Size 4 is ideal...

Child Tea Set - Picnic

This cute child's tea set for four is perfect for your younger tea party goer.  It is more durable metal construction, so will stand up to a bit more 'love' than a ceramic selection. But it will still provide hours of enjoyment and entertainment
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Child Tea Set - Daisies

At home or in the garden, this set will help create wonderful memories for your child! Metal cups and pot makes this durable for younger tea sippers. Complete with everything shown, including basket.**New!** Now offering three more variations on...
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White Gaiwan

Try your hand at this time-tested Chinese tea vessel. Pour hot water over the leaves in the cup and let infuse. When ready to drink, hold the saucer in your left hand and use the lid to sweep back the leaves as you drink.
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The Honeydripper Spoon

Little scoops of honey turn into performance art with the Honeydripper. The heat of your tea and gravity work together to draw the amber liquid into the waiting cup while the curve balances perfectly on the rim. As a bonus, the spoon frequently confuses...
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Tea Tin - 2Lb With Latch

Store your tea in this sleek, contemporary tin. The latched lid is airtight to keep your tea fresh longer!

Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Pitcher

This is the perfect pitcher for making up to 1/2 gallon of your favorite iced tea. The infuser extends deep, so you can make a smaller amount and 'flash chill' with ice. The airtight lid keeps the tea flavor in and fridge odors out!