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Bell Style Teapot - 16 oz

A trendy 16-ounce teapot that will serve you well for years. It includes a removable fine mesh stainless steel infuser basket and a detachable lid for easy cleaning.

Cafe - Glass Tea Press

Glass allows the beauty of your tea to shine through and double wall glass keeps you drink at temperature longer. Add a stainless steel strainer and you find a combination that enhances the appreciation and the convenience of making the perfect cup of...
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Cafe - Tea For One

Set made for just one to accompany you in those contemplative moments. 8oz.

Curve Style Teapot

The classic style of the colorful Curve Teapot is designed for a simple and clean way of steeping your own pot of tea. This 24 ounce pot features an extra fine .3mm stainless steel filter perfect for fine loose leaf teas and herbs. Dishwasher and...

Marble Tea Set with Cups and Tea Tray

This attractive tea set has evertyhing you need to serve your finest tea with ease and style.  This includes a 37 ounce tea pot, 4  7 ounce tea cups and a tray for serving.  Choose your style in white or black.  This set is neatly packed in its own box 

Zero (Bee House) Teapot - 15 oz

$29.95 - $39.95
This Japanese ceramic teapot features a metal mesh infuser. Prices vary slightly according to color. 15 oz capacity.