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Zisha Clay Tea set

This handmade clay set is made for the traditional Gong Fu method of preparing and enjoying tea.  This tea set includes a 7-ounce pot and 4 2 ounce cups.  The unglazed set enhances the flavor and aroma of your tea over time
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Matcha Set Creme & Brown

To truly enjoy fine matcha tea, especially the ceremonial grade of matcha, this is what you need.  The finely craft bowl is designed to allow you to whisk your drink into a fine froth.  The whisk and spoon make a complete set.  All you need is the matcha...
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Side Handle Teapot - 12 oz

Japanese tepots come in many forms; the one ideal for brewing green teas is called a yokode kyusu, meaning side handle teapot. This black yokode kyusu has a twine wrapped handle and swirl design on the lid and a built in strainer. Ceramic interior makes...

Marble Tea Set with Cups and Tea Tray

 This attractive modern tea set has everything you need to serve your finest tea with ease and style. This includes a 37-ounce teapot, 4  7 ounce teacups and a tray for serving.  Choose your style in green, turquoise, white or black...