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Iced Teas Restaurant Packs

$31.00 - $183.60
Premium quality, award-winning iced teas conveniently packaged in easy-brew natural fiber filter bags.  These iced tea cases are perfect economical option in a commercial setting for a business that is focused on quality.  Each compostable filter bag can...

Old Tree Raw Pu-erh Chinese Tea Cake

This pu-erh was made in the Autumn of 2019 from trees around 300 years old on the Bulong Mountain!  What makes this unusual is the smooth taste not often seen in a raw pu-erh this young. The cake is 100 grams, and the flavor will not fade, even after...

Koicha Matcha - Japanese Green Tea

Koicha means 'thick tea' and is the highest grade of matcha, used in Japanese tea ceremony to make tea with a very thick consistency. Cultivated and produced from only the very best, fresh young tea leaves. Koicha is characterized by its incredibly...