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Shincha Hashiri Japanese Green Tea

This is a rare and limited offering. Hashiri is 'first harvest'. Shincha is the first flush of Spring tea in Japan. This tea comes from the Honyama tea farm in the Shizuoka prefecture. It produces an emerald liquid full of flavor.  Arriving May 6th. ...

Snow Dragon Yellow Buds Chinese Yellow Tea 1oz

Hand crafted in small batches in the An Hui province of China, this unique Yellow tea features a small sturdy leaf that yields a deeply floral sweet flavor that lingers on the tongue.   Insider Tip: Another offering from a small grower, this tea is...

Gyokuro Kin Japanese Green Tea 1oz

This is the highest quality tea produced in Japan. It is shaded several weeks before picking to concentrate the flavor in the tender new leaves. Careful hand processing brings out this teas' natural smoothness and depth. Once you try this you will see...