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Tulsi Chai Black Tea 1oz

Holy basil (tulsi) is an often sought after herb for it has many ayurvedic applications. This chai blend offers the spice and complexity of a traditional chai, accented by tulsi.   Insider Tip: To make this chai as a latte, use twice as much tea and...

Traditional Masala Chai Indian Black Tea 1oz

Masala means spice, and if you've never had chai made with fresh spices and real tea, you are in for a treat! Ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon make Chai a bold departure from a calming morning cup.    Insider Tip: If you plan to make a chai latte, use...

Special Calcutta Chai - Organic Indian Black Tea 1oz

Calcutta Chai is for adventurous spirits - it includes black pepper, taking chai to a new spice frontier. All organic, this chai is perfect for making a latte, as the spice really cuts through the milk. Be careful on your last sip - the pepper can...