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Top of the World Black Tea Nepal

This selection gives a new meaning to 'High Tea'  Procured from small growers in a remote area of Nepal.  This small hand-produced tea grows at an altitude of 1800-2200 meters, making it one of the highest, if not the highest, elevation for tea...

Columbian Black Tea Besos de Cafe

Did you know Colombia even made tea!? This tea comes to us from the Bitaco Garden, located at high elevation in the Bitaco township on the western slope of the Andean mountain range- the only garden in Columbian producing specialty tea!  Of course you...

Seasonal Spices Black Tea 1oz

Cooler weather calls for black tea and warming spices.  This black tea made with organic ingredients is the perfect blend to warm you on a cold winter day, and to share with a friend.  The carefully selected spices and herbs mix well and bring out a...