Jasmine Green Pu-erh Tuo Cha

Jasmine Green Pu-erh Tuo Cha

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A real treat for Pu-erh lovers! The newest addition to our Pu-erh offerings, this tuo cha is a green pu-erh, meaning it is unprocessed, lighter and sweeter than the darker, earthy, processed pu-erh. Scented with jasmine blooms, then pressed into tuo chas, they are then individually wrapped. Whether you are new to pu-erh or a long-time lover, this tea will surprise and delight. 

Insider Tip: Rinse the tuo cha before infusing to help it fully open and infuse.

Caffeine Level: High.

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Pu-erh comes from the Yunnan Province of China. With a strong, distinct flavor that is developed in the fermentation process, pu-erh is offered in two varieties: raw and ripened (Shenq/ Shu Pu We). Often compressed into bengs (cakes) or tou chas (small bi

Ingredients: Chinese black tea.

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