Monkey Picked Oolong Tea

Monkey Picked Oolong Tea

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Though it makes for a wonderful story, monkeys did not climb into the trees to pick this tea. That does not take away from the special care taken in plucking the leaves and making the tea. It is a traditional Ti Kuan Yin, medium roasted oolong that yields a bouquet of flavors for 6 infusions or more!

Insider Tip: If you are a fan of this tea, try the Golden Monkey for something new! It is organic, too.

Caffeine Level: Medmium.

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Oolong teas are commonly known as partially oxidize, because the oxidation allowed in processing varies between that of a green tea and that of a black. Varying between 30-70% oxidation, oolongs are produce into two main varieties: a darker, open-leafed style (such as our Dark Goddess), and a greener, rolled-ball style (such as our Jade Oolong). Darker oolongs tend to have a soft, fruity character with undertones of stone fruit. Greener oolongs offer a more green infusion with a more floral character.

Ingredients: Oolong tea.

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