Ginseng Oolong Tea 1oz

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We first discovered this classic oolong at a Gong Fu Chinese tea ceremony. This particular tea is a special find, as it is crafted with Ti Kuan Yin for a special flavor. The ginseng and tea are nicely balanced and will develop well over multiple infusions.
Insider Tip: This tea is rolled in real ginseng and sweetened with a touch of licorice root. This tea will give you a good kick, wake you up, and help you concentrate.
Caffeine Level: Medium.
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Oolong teas are commonly known as partially oxidized because the oxidation allowed in processing varies between that of a green tea and that of a black. Varying between 30-70% oxidation, oolongs are produced into two main varieties: a darker, open-leafed style (such as our Dark Goddess), and a greener, rolled-ball style (such as our Jade Oolong). Darker oolongs tend to have a soft, fruity character with undertones of stone fruit. Greener oolongs offer a more green infusion with a more floral character.

Ingredients: Oolong tea, ginseng and licorice root.



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Clark Lisa 29th Dec 2021

Love this stuff

This is a very smooth and flavorful tea with the slightest hint of sweetness. It is a treat to relax with a cup of it, which I do almost every day.

daniel holderfield 19th Mar 2021


i like it and have ordered it 2x

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