Milk Oolong Tea 1oz

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The flavor of this smooth floral tea from the mountains of the Fujian province is enhanced with the flavor of milk. Relax and enjoy the interplay of flavors and textures unique to this blend.
Insider Tip: This oolong is another that is ideal for multiple infusions. Start shorter and infuse for longer on each infusion. Add a dash of milk to enhance the flavor.
Caffeine Level: Medium.
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Oolong teas are commonly known as partially oxidized because the oxidation allowed in processing varies between that of a green tea and that of a black. Varying between 30-70% oxidation, oolongs are produced into two main varieties: a darker, open-leafed style (such as our Dark Goddess), and a greener, rolled-ball style (such as our Jade Oolong). Darker oolongs tend to have a soft, fruity character with undertones of stone fruit. Greener oolongs offer a more green infusion with a more floral character.

Ingredients: Oolong tea and flavoring.



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Kathy 25th Oct 2022

Milk oolong

One of my new favorite teas. Love it in the morning!

Lucy F 18th May 2020

Milk Oolong

Excellent tea!!!! My favorite!!!! And the price is great!!!!!

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