Sencha Fukamushi Japanese Green Tea

Sencha Fukamushi Japanese Green Tea

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This unique Japanese tea is deep steamed for a deeper color and milder flavor. Try it and see why it has become one of the most sought after teas in Japan. 

Insider Tip: This tea is one of our favorite from Japan. We highly recommend using a brew basket if you don't like tea particles in your cup, as the leaves are delicate and small. For a more traditional approach, use a kyusu

Caffeine Level: Low.

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Fukamushi is the term for the steaming process. Thus, any tea with the prefix fukamushi has been processed in this way, e.g. fukamushi gyokuro. Steaming suppressed astringency and brings out a smoother flavor from the tea and yields a sweeter infusion than a typical sencha. The small particles in a fukamushi are a result of breakage during the rolling process. Steaming makes the leave extra delicate, so while most loose tea is prized for being whole leaf, breakage is expected in this style. 

Ingredients: Green tea from Japan

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