Taiwan Creme Oolong

Taiwan Creme Oolong

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Surprisingly, this tea has no added flavors - it is the result of great care, skill and just the right growing and processing conditions.

Insider Tip:This is among our least oxidized oolongs, so if you enjoy this one, try our Ti Kuan Yin or Tung Ting. Want something super different? Try our Dark Goddess Oolong.

Caffeine Level: Medium.

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As mentioned, it is important to note that there is NO milk involved in the manufacture of this tea.  The creamy notes from this Jin Xuan varietal only come forth when all conditions including weather, ambient surroundings and skill of the tea artist all come together.  This tea is lightly oxidized, and very lightly roasted to keep the natural characteristics of the leaf.  The creamy aroma only shows forth after the tea is brewed.  Careful brewing in a gaiwan or Gong Fu style will yield 3 very nice infusions,

Ingredients: Oolong tea from Taiwan.

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