Blanc De Blueberry - Organic White Tea 1oz

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This is a must for fans of blueberries! Natural blueberry flavors accentuate the taste of the organic white tea. Sure to be one of your favorites, we have meticulously crafted this blend to yield a tea that has a touch of fruit without overpowering the floral sweetness of the Bai Mu Dan we love.
Insider Tip: Blanc de Blueberry is one of our favorite iced teas! Try cold infusing it for a lighter, smoother flavor.
Caffeine Level: Low.
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White tea was originally only grown in China, but is now grown in India and elsewhere. Named to reference the tiny white hairs on the new buds and leaves, there are two main styles of white tea - Bai Mu Dan (White Peony) and Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needle). Silver needle teas are comprised of the closed buds only and it can take more than 10,000 buds to produce a kilo of tea. All handpicked, the rarity, intense labor, and skill required to produce this fine tea makes it highly-prized and more expensive than Bai Mu Dan.
White teas are produced by withering and drying, allowing minimal oxidation (black teas are fully oxidized). While often thought to be low in caffeine, the caffeine content of white teas greatly depends on the growing conditions and the varietal. However, lower steeping temperatures and times generally yield lower caffeine than black or green teas.
White tea is best enjoyed alone to appreciate its delicate flavor. Save the milk and sugar for black teas!

Ingredients: Organic White Tea, organic hibiscus, organic elderberries, organic and natural flavors, cornflowers.



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Simone 4th Jul 2021


This is so refreshing, the first time my son took my cup and now I hide it from him!! Blueberry flavor is really nice, but not strong it’s perfect.

Josh 20th May 2020


A really great tea. Nice and light, but still very flavorful. Perfect with just a drop of honey

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