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Dragon Well, or Lung Ching is one of the 10 famous Chinese teas. The olive toned leaves impart a smooth and slightly sweet flavor. This can easily become one of your everyday favorites.
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Caffeine Level: Low/Medium.
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Dragonwell tea, otherwise known as Longjing tea, comes from Longjing Village in China. The distinct flavor of Dragon Well is developed thanks to the high amount of fog that surrounds the growing area much of the year, giving it only indirect sunlight. After being hand-picked, Dragon Well is withered, roasted, cooled, and roasted again, laid flat to produce the flat, pointed leaves.

Ingredients: Green tea from China



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Jo 9th Dec 2021

Dragon Well

This green tea has a sweet roasted vegetal taste and I love the story behind the Dragon Well.

Jo 29th Aug 2021

Dragon well tea

A very lively green tea!

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