Eastern Chamomile Herbal Tea 1oz

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Produced with the flower heads of finest chamomile. Relax with a cup of this traditional favorite.
Insider Tip: If you are looking for an evening tea, try this! Had Chamomile and not been a fan? Try loose Chamomile - the quality, flavor, and smoothness are radically different than the bagged variety.
Caffeine Level: None.
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Our chamomile usually comes from Egypt and has been used for thousands of years as natural remedy for anxiety, sleeplessness, and digestive issues. While we are cautious to say everyone reacts different to herbal remedies, chamomile is caffeine-free and widely consumed as an evening tea to help with sleep. Chamomile can also be an anti-inflammatory, help with heartburn, and soothe mouth sores. Chamomile has a strong, distinctive, floral flavor and aroma. What you find in pre-bagged teas at the grocery store are the tiny fannings of the actual flower bud. With loose tea, you can see the beauty of the full flower bud which can range in size from half a centimeter to an inch in diameter! 

Ingredients: Chamomile flowers.



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Jerry Dahlke 15th Aug 2022

Eastern Chamomole

This Chamomile has more flowers and less powder than others I have tried. It also has a richer flavor. I brew 4 grams in 12.5 oz of water for 5 minutes. Using a Yoassi Extra Fine 18/8 Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Mesh Strainer with Large Capacity filters out the flower dust and allows a quick pouring in of the hot water.

Angela Lambertz 1st Dec 2021

Best chamomile I've found anywhere

Tea Smith's chamomile is the best chamomile I've found yet. Great brew colour and grassy, but not grassy flavour.

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