Emerald Sun Green Tea 1oz

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An intriguing green tea blend that has an almond smoothness, a citrus splash, and sweetness that lingers nicely on the palate. Just the right amount of sweetness and spice to keep you coming back for more!
Insider Tip: We loved this tea iced! It is sweet and warming served hot and refreshing and invigorating served iced. The aroma may remind you of a fruity striped gum from your childhood...
Caffeine Level: Low.
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Teas can be flavored a number of ways, through the inclusion of ingredients - such as flowers, nuts, or berries, the addition of oils or extracts - such as citrus or vanilla, or by using artificial flavors. After being added to a base tea, these ingredients are blended together in a number of ways, either in large batches in a blending machine or in small batches by hand. Some teas are flavored through their processes, such as Lapsang Souchong, which is smoked over pine fires during drying. 
At The Tea Smith, we pride ourselves in blending many of our teas by hand, carefully calculating our blends, and selecting only the best teas and the best ingredients to be used in our collection.

Ingredients: Green tea, orange slices, planed almonds, flavoring, pink peppercorns and safflower.



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Christian 1st Feb 2022

Emerald Sun

1st off, the smell of this tea is intoxicating. The brew is a lovely bright green with nice citrus tones and lovely almond flavor. I'd consider it a warm citrus instead of a bright citrus flavor but haven't tried it iced yet. I love to have this in the afternoon and/or while journaling.

Kai 24th Jan 2022

New favorite

This is a new favorite flavored green tea for me- I love the taste and the scent and will continue purchasing it!

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