Goji Berry Bliss Green Tea 1oz

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What could be better for you than green tea? Green tea blended with a superfruit! Give yourself that extra get-up-and-go with a cup of green tea blended with goji berries, pomegranates, and blueberries.
Insider Tip: This is a seasonal selection that we decided was so good, we had to offer it year-round. Try it hot or iced!
Caffeine Level: Low.
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Green teas are unoxidized and process by withering or wilting, followed by pan-firing or steaming, then a shaping process. During the shaping processes, further drying takes place, giving each green tea a distinct shape, character, and flavor. Often shaped by hand in places like China or Vietnam, the skill to craft these teas is passed down from generation to generation. In Japan, most of the tea processing is done mechanically, using machines and conveyor belts to steam, shape, and cool the teas.

Ingredients: Green tea, goji berries, lemon grass, pomegranate arils, flavoring and cornflower blossoms



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Bridget 13th May 2021

My Cup of Tea!

I'm highly impressed with the taste and aroma of this fantastic tea blend. I'm told there are health benefits in drinking Goji Berry tea, If so, even, great for me but I drink this tea for the amazing flavors. Yummy to my tummy ! Also it's refreshing. I tried it cold with a hint of honey and it's so good.

Jennifer 19th Mar 2021


This tea is my favorite! I drink it everyday. Light, refreshing and SO flavorful!

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