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Enjoy effortless iced tea with our Ready to Brew Iced Tea Packs!

Available in a variety of popular flavors, each pack contains six preportioned pouches of tea in a compostable tea pouch, ready to brew a half gallon for your party, pot-luck, batched tea cocktails, 

  • Blue Mountain* - Organic Blue Mountain Iced Tea features strong, black teas from southern India.
  • Earl Grey Excellence - It's not just for Afternoon Tea any more.  The bergamot citrus makes a refreshing iced beverage with organic black tea.  
  • Green Citrus Dragon - Our blend of green tea, with natural citrus flavors.  A refreshing change of pace.
  • Hibiscus Cooler* - Lemon, lemongrass, hibiscus, and rose hips offer a light, refreshing cup with a hint of tartness.
  • Moroccan Mint - Refreshing organic green tea blended with organic mint.
  • Mango Passion Rooibos - Green rooibos, passionfruit and lemongrass make this a crowd-pleasing caffeine-free herbal infusion.  
  • Passionberry Black - This organic black tea is flavored with mouthwatering passionfruit for a berry refreshing glass of iced tea, perfect on a hot day.
  • Summer Companion - We brought our summertime favorite of mixed berries and black tea to new life in this convenient format.  

Simply pop a pouch in a half-gallon pitcher of cold water for cold-brewed iced tea, or follow the package instructions to brew hot and add ice.

Enhance your favorite tea with fruit garnishes for an extra kick of flavor!  

*This iced tea won a medal at the Global Tea Championshp.


Reviews (3)

Theresa Chacon 22nd Feb 2024

Iced Tea

I was looking for a good iced tea that was caffeine free. I did not read what I thought I had clicked on. It’s okay, tho. I have plenty family and friends who will enjoy a glass

Barbara S. 5th Jul 2023

Hibiscus Cooler

The Hibiscus Cooler is my favorite iced tea and caffeine free. Everyone I have served it to loves it.

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