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Spicy Apple Decaffeinated Organic Black Tea Blend

Looking for sweetness and spice? Here is an apple-flavored decaffeinated black tea with a bit of kick from cinnamon that you can enjoy when you want to avoid caffeine, or anytime you want a special...

Tulsi Chai Black Tea 1oz

Holy basil (tulsi) is an often sought after herb for it has many ayurvedic applications. This chai blend offers the spice and complexity of a traditional chai, accented by tulsi.   Insider...

Emperor's Legend Turmeric Chai Herbal Tea 1oz

Anise, cloves, cardamom, and ginger combine with turmeric to create a unique tea that has many natural healing applications, such as aiding with detox, digestion, anti-inflammation, and more...

Decaffeinated Masala Chai Indian Black Tea 1oz

The spicy goodness of our Masala Chai might awaken your senses, but there's no caffeine to do the same. You can enjoy the warmth of chai spices any time, even right before bed! Add a dash of milk...

Applejack Festival Blend Tea 1oz

The aroma and taste of this blend of black tea, green tea, apples, almonds, and cinnamon will make a refreshing iced tea. An indulgence in taste that is perfect all year long! Insider tip: This tea...

Almond Apple Delight Tea 1oz

This is one of our seasonal favorites!! A caffeine-free fruit tisane with sweet apples, toasted almond and wonderfully blended spices. This brings out the best of any season but is deliciously...
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