Blue Shadow Black Tea 1oz

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Blue Shadow is unquestionably a customer and staff favorite! Strawberry and rhubarb give this tea unique flavor that is sweet and refreshing. There is a hint of creaminess on the nose and the infusion is light and well balanced. 
Insider Tip: This is one of our most popular teas iced! Infuse it hot with half as much liquid, then pour it over a glass of ice and enjoy! A touch of milk and honey make this tea a real treat.
Caffeine Level: Medium/High.
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Teas can be flavored a number of ways, through the inclusion of ingredients - such as flowers, nuts, or berries, the addition of oils or extracts - such as citrus or vanilla, or by using artificial flavors. After being added to a base tea, these ingredients are blended together in a number of ways, either in large batches in a blending machine or in small batches by hand. Some teas are flavored through their processes, such as Lapsang Souchong, which is smoked over pine fires during drying.
At The Tea Smith, we pride ourselves in blending many of our teas by hand, carefully calculating our blends, and selecting only the best teas and the best ingredients to be used in our collection.

Ingredients: Black tea, lulo and rhubarb flavoring and blue cornflower petals.



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hermitcrab 6th Apr 2019

Blue Shadow Tea is Amazing.

I searched online for this tea because I had found it in my local tea shop, but I couldn't get back to buy more. It is an amazing tea. A unique and not overpowering tea - not too fruity not too flowery - just right. My whole family loves it. There have been no complaints.

Morgan 22nd Jan 2019

Lovely tea with subtle yet complex flavor

This is such a lovely tea. There are fruity and vanilla overtones to it that delicately linger after a sip. The flavors are pronounced but not cloying. It's perfect for any time of the day (but goes well with a good book!).

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