Ginger Lemon Breeze Fruit Tisane 1oz

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Snappy ginger and sweet pineapple are the stars of this fruit tisane.  Add in a bit of lemon for citrus and a touch of basil to add an exciting medley of flavors.  Not too sharp, not too sweet, and completely refreshing.


Insider Tip: Herbal blends and fruit tisanes are best prepared hot then cooled down for iced beverages Use our Flash Chill Infuser for 4-8 hours in the fridge for effortless iced tea!

Caffeine Level: None.

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The word Tisane comes from the French Tisane (Tee-Zahn) which derives from the Latin word Ptisana which literally means 'barley water'. Tisanes are technically NOT teas, since they do not contain leaves of the Camelia Sinensis, thus we consider them herbal blends. Tisanes were consumed in ancient Egypt and China as medicinal tonics. Tisanes contain no caffeine and their ingredients can range from roots, leaves, berries, and fruits. They can be either steeped in water (best for flowers and leaves) or simmered in water (best for roots and barks to release their flavors/benefits).

Ingredients: Ginger, apple, pineapple, freeze dried lemon peel, blackberry leaves, moringa leaves, basil, flavoring.



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Angela Lambertz 1st Dec 2021

Strong & warm ginger experience

The Ginger Lemon Breeze Fruit Tisane will warm you up from the inside out. A great hot brew choice when the weather turns icy chilly cold.

daniel holderfield 24th Apr 2021


helps keep me from drinking a bunch or garbage for satifaction

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